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Consultant Trading Bureau was established in 1981 in Cairo, Egypt, as the first boutique business development consulting firm in the region.


Using active listening, constant learning and passionate implementation, we  successfully served our client’s business interest in the local Egyptian market, engaging our clients into some of the Petroleum sector's biggest projects.

Capitalising on more than 30 years of experience in the Egyptian market, we expanded our offering to cover most of the market entry spectrum, developing concrete market shares for our clients in oil, gas, and petrochemical projects. 

Today we stand tall, with over 80% client retention, and the pride to have served some of the world’s most prestigious family businesses and multinationals.


We intend to continue to support our clients by moving forward and further enhancing the localisation and independence of their operations in the local market.

CTB is growing rapidly because our family of clients appreciate our passion, commitment and results.

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